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Chicken Dhansak

chicken dhansak

Dhansak Curry is made by cooking meat or chicken with 4 types lentils (Chana or Toor Dal) and vegetables or can be made only as a Vegetable Dish by completely excluding meat. It generally tastes sweet and sour. Chicken cooked with Dhansak Curry sauce is known “Chicken Dhansak”. Dhansak contain elements of Parsi (Middle EasternContinue Reading

What is Chicken Jalfrezi?

chicken jalfrezi

Jalfrezi is an Indian Hot Curry Sauce which is cooked with green chillies to give some extra heat. It also contains visible Tomato, Capsicum and Onion. It is widely believed that Jalfrezi name is derived from the combination of a Bengali word “Jhal” (which refers to Spicy) “Fried” and an Urdu slang “Zee” which meansContinue Reading

What is Chicken Madras?

Battersea Indian Takeaway

What is Chicken Madras? Madras Curry gets its name from a city known as Madras (now Chennai) in India. It is widely believed that “Madras Curry” originated from South of India, however, the name ‘Madras Curry’ was invented by restaurants in Britain. This curry can be Vegetarian, Chicken, Lamb or Beef. Hence Madras Curry cookedContinue Reading