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28 Queenstown Road - London, SW8 3RX
020 7720 0500


24 Willesden Lane - London, NW6 7ST
  • Bombay Bicycle Chef
  • Bombay Bicycle Chef
  • Bombay Bicycle Chef
  • Bombay Bicycle Chef
Bombay Bicycle Chef

Earn when you Eat, Eat when you Earn

Chef Loyalty Points

For every £1 spent, you will receive one CHEF point • Collect 100 CHEF points and you receive £10.00 off your next online order • Minimum delivery charges apply when points are redeemed • the scheme is currently available for online orders only. • Redemption is always available for the next order, once 100 points have been reached • the chef points are only valid for 6 months.

Bombay Bicycle Chef

Fine Indian Food

Bombay Bicycle Chef is an open plan kitchen, specializing in Indian Cuisine, using minimal oil, no arti cial colour and preservatives.

Our head chef Mr. Ravi Acharya, who has over 15 years experience, working from Mumbai - India to London - UK, has held the position of head chef at Bombay Bicycle since 2002

Bombay Bicycle Chef

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